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This question is asked more and more often by pool owners, and in response CTX Professional has just launched its two-product CTX Bubbles range. These new single-use solutions from the Fluidra group make it possible to enjoy a crystal-clear and sustainable pool without investing much time and money, and are specifically designed for users committed to protecting the environment and the intelligent use of water. The first product in the series is Salt Bubble, designed to optimize the performance of salt electrolysis systems for continually clear water. These bubbles help to break down the oils that hinder the performance of saline cells like copper, manganese and iron. Salt Bubble also contains a natural clarifier to clear cloudy water. The second product in the new CTX Professional line is Solar Bubble, a brilliant way to slow the evaporation of pool water. This solution generates a thin, invisible layer on the surface that minimizes heat loss. The result? At the end of the year pool owners have not only saved a considerable amount of water, but have also avoided irregular levels of chlorine and pH. Solar Bubble is compatible with all types of disinfectants. Both products are designed for pools up to 45 m3 in size and each dose works for four weeks. If you want to get the most out of your pool in the most sustainable way this swim season, check out the CTX Professional website and discover the other solutions the brand has to offer!