The popularity of coloured pools with a surprise effect is set to grow in 2018. Today we showcase some of the most creatives ideas demonstrating that a pool is no longer just a place for wellbeing but also a setting for enjoying art at home.

Pools inspired by nature

Throughout his career, architect Luis Barragán was keen for pool water to project the colours of sunlight, the texture of multicoloured walls, the trees in a courtyard or the sky itself: from grey to violet and blue on the brightest days. His work constantly sought to make gardens into homes and homes into gardens. For Casa Gilardi, Barragán put a blue and red pool next to a solid-timber rustic table, suggesting that it can be just as inspiring as the greatest work of art.

Maximum saturation

The latest colour trends are present in the majority of the works of Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta. His pools make free play of colour contrasts such as pink with yellow or purple to create a warm and happy vibe.

Mediterranean pools

This Latin cross-shaped pool at the La Muralla Roja complex (Calpe, Alicante) by Ricardo Bofill has been the scene of numerous ad campaigns. His crimson pool in Mont-Ras (Costa Brava) is another key benchmark in this trend.

Conceptual pools

At the conceptual resort The Library (Thailand), the yellow and red mosaic pool tiles contrast with the red umbrellas and turquoise sea on the horizon. This space is an example of how to experience art inside water in a totally unique way.

To add colour to a pool without having to do any work to it you can install remote-controlled wireless lamps and light points to make your pool a place for wellbeing in addition to a space dedicated to creativity and surprise.

Photos: Cuadra San Cristóbal (Luis Barragán); Onnis Luque-Casa Gilardi (Luis Barragán); Deezen-Casa Kona (Ricardo Legorreta); Legorreta + Legorreta- Adrenaline House (Ricardo Legorreta); The Vandalist – Mont-Ras family home (Ricardo Bofill); Ricardo Bofill- The Library; The Library.