The pool experts / From thought to action: building a perfect pool | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

About 20 kilometres south of Palma de Mallorca, lies the pleasant Bellavista housing estate. The owners of a detached family home with spectacular sea views entrusted the architect Isabel Catany Artigues with a major mission: to turn the garden into an oasis of relaxation, with an infinity pool and a sundeck.

After having studied the garden’s size and orientation, it was decided to build a rectangular pool of 10 x 4 metres, with built-in submerged steps and an overflow channel to create an infinity pool effect. The construction company chosen to realise Catany Artigues’ design was Aubapool.


Shotcrete was used to build the pool shell. This material has low porosity, is ideal for withstanding and containing the pressure of the water, and is extremely watertight. With the aim of making the most of the space available, a regulator tank and a pump room were built away from the pool shell.

For the finish of both the pool and the sundeck, 30 x 60cm ivory coloured ceramic tiles were used. This material was chosen because of its low water absorption and resistance to sharp changes in temperature. Moreover, these types of tiles are compact and non-slip, an essential characteristic for making a swimming pool safer.

Sustainability was one of the owners’ main priorities and, therefore, the pool was equipped with the latest pool maintenance technology. For example, a salt chlorination system and an automatic pH corrector were installed. As far as the filter is concerned, a Ø760 mm one with activated filter material (AFM) was chosen and cleaning nozzles were built into the pool floor. In order for the owners to be able to enjoy unforgettable night time swimming experiences, the pool was equipped with white LED spotlights.