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Reading emails on your watch, paying for your shopping with a wristband, lamps that switch on by themselves when it starts to get dark… The emergence of the Internet of Things has made things that a few years ago would have seemed like something out of science fiction part of our everyday lives. Thanks to Fluidra Connect, you too can now use this technology to maintain your pool.

Using the Internet of Pools – a concept developed by the multinational group Fluidra – it is possible to remotely adjust the settings of the components installed in a pool, anytime, anyplace. What are the advantages of this system? Peace of mind, convenience, savings, and greater safety for you and yours.

An app designed for you


Designed specifically with the needs of end users in mind, Fluidra has created a mobile app from which you can have information in real time about the state of your pool.

Amongst other functionalities, using the Fluidra Connect app it is possible to control all of a pool’s settings, such as water temperature, lighting and water cascades. This can all be done on a mobile device. In addition, the system can be extended to outdoor garden equipment. Because the places where you relax in your home should only be used for just that!

Your pool, in good hands at all times

Using Fluidra Connect, the pool dealer in charge of your pool maintenance will be able to guarantee that it is in a good state of repair 24/7. The continued, customised monitoring of a pool makes it far more effective to figure out any problems and it is the best way of preventing it from falling into a bad state of repair and making unnecessary repairs.

If you would like your pool to be ready for use and safe at all times, forget about the headaches associated with maintenance: download the app and become part of the Fluidra Connect experience.

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