The Hotel Hubertus, located in the Italian village of Valdaora, is in a magnificent setting in South Tirol. It is particularly attractive to travellers looking for idyllic landscapes for skiing or hiking and who need a place to relax after their hard efforts. At the foot of the famous Kronplatz, in the Puster Valley, this family run hotel was rebuilt and a large extension added a few months ago. The hotel, which started out as a two-star guest house, has become an exceptional place thanks to the work of the owners who have added a number of extensions over the years.

Photographs: © Hotel Hubertus

The new features the Gasser family have added to their hotel complex includes a new annex with 16 suites, a kitchen, several restaurants and bars, a lobby with a large reception area, a cellar, a gym and a relaxation area with panoramic terraces. What makes this new extension unique is that the Gassers decided to add a spectacular pool 25 metres in length to form a borderline between the old and the new, thus emphasising the essence of this ambitious makeover of the family hotel by the firm of architects Noa – Network of Architecture.

The pool, which looks over the valley and is perched between the suites, looks like a floating stone slab thanks to its grey anthracite coating. Around its edge, the water seems to flow over into the landscape and become lost to infinity. The pool is reminiscent of an alpine lake inserted into the mountainous landscape of the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site.

In the pool, bathing in the water kept at 30 ºC all year around, one cannot tell where it ends. The volume of water, which hovers about 12 metres above the ground, has become the hotel’s most sought-after feature. It is as if one were floating above the landscape, between heaven and earth. This is due to the fact that thanks to a huge window cut into the bottom of the pool, bathers are aware that they are swimming at a great height.