The pool experts / Five Fool-Proof ways to save on your pool | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

These five tips will help you cut the energy and water consumption of your pool. Get ready for the most sustainable swimming season you’ve ever had!

1. Install a cover. Did you know that a cover can cut the water lost through evaporation by up to 65%? And in addition to the obvious safety advantages, a cover prevents dry leaves and other elements from accumulating in the pool, minimising the (economic and time) resources you need to put into maintenance. One model on the market that seamlessly integrates with the pool and its surroundings is the N-Carlit, which comes in two finishes (white or beige lacquer) and automatic or manual mode


2. Say goodbye to seasons. Given that your pool requires year-round maintenance, why not take maximum benefit from it and use it year-round too? One great way to do so is by installing the Pro Elyo Inverter heating system with advanced inverter technology and a B energy rating that make it 30% more efficient than other heat pumps.

 3. Use a variable speed pump. Unlike their single-speed counterparts, with variable pumps you can adjust the speed and flow to match your needs at all times, increasing service life and preventing wear and tear of other pool parts. The Viron pump guarantees an energy reduction of more than 85% and can save up to €900 per year. It is also 75% less noisy than a single-speed pump and imperceptible to the human ear

4. Choose LED lighting. In addition to relaxing night-time dips in an intimate, designer atmosphere, LED floodlights provide a not-inconsiderable electricity saving of up to 95%! Astral Pool released LumiPlus DC PAR56 in 2017, a new-generation LED light which works with a power source at just 3W (regular transformers consume 16W). The underwater DC PAR56 range of floodlights also boasts TQL technology for better-quality light and distribution.

5. Disinfect the pool with salt electrolysis. When it comes to treating pool water, save up to 20% on water and 80% on chemical products with salt electrolysis. This disinfection system produces chlorine from common salt dissolved in water, letting you enjoy a healthier swim and preventing the risks involved with handling chlorinated chemical compounds.

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