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Extremely cold weather and surface tension on frozen water can damage pools by cracking the walls and giving rise to irreparable damage in pipes. To stop this, action must be taken before the first frosts. But there is no reason to worry. We’re here to help you fight off the cold just in time!

1. Use floating icebreakers

Floating icebreakers are placed diagonally across a pool and remain suspended in the water to prevent frost and ice from forming. Floating icebreakers have been specifically designed to absorb the increase in water volume, diminish excess pressure and thus prevent any potential cracks in pools. These icebreakers have holes that enable them to be tied together so that they fit in a specific pool size.

2. Don’t forget to protect your pool with a winter cover!

Combined with floating icebreakers, winter covers keep the heat in during the day, stop the proliferation of microorganisms, prevent debris from getting into a pool and serve as a safety barrier while a pool is not being used.

The Cool Pool

3. Move the water

To withstand the first frosts, or in areas where winters are mild, it is also worth switching on the water pump to make the water move and break up any sheets of ice that may have formed. However, during a harsh winter it is recommended to keep the water still, empty all water pipes to prevent them from bursting and protect the pump and filter by covering them with an insulating material.

By following these basic steps and checking the state of the pool water every three weeks, freezing will be prevented and all that will have to be done is to calmly wait until temperatures rise to start the bathing season again.