The concept of energy efficiency encompasses many types of savings, all of which translate as lower running costs for pool owners.

In the pool sector, new, more efficient products are released every season that can bring about significant energy savings. However, it is the combination of these products that can make a big difference to our bills. If you’re wondering what energy-efficient products will give you the best value for money, there is no doubt that the winning combination is a pool cover and an inverter heat pump.

People generally associate a pool cover with safety, but it also results in the use of fewer products for treating the water as it prevents dirt from getting into the water.
In fact, automatic pool covers usually have a setting on the control panel to put the water treatment system in stand-by mode.

However, a cover not only entails savings in chemicals, but also prevents the water from evaporating, which is the way most of the heat is lost from a heated pool. Further savings can be made in indoor pools, as the dehumidification system can be run for less time.

If you would also like to be able to enjoy your pool for more months in the year, a heat pump is unbeatable in terms of performance and consumption.
Under normal conditions, a heat pump draws around 80% of the energy it supplies to a pool from the air (the EU considers this to be renewable energy).
With the addition of inverter technology to pool heat pumps, a unit can increase its performance by as much as threefold thanks to the compressor and fan changing speed according to the air and water conditions.

That is why the combination of these two pieces of pool equipment results in considerable daily savings, in addition to delivering the best technical and best looking solution in the pool sector.

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