The pool experts / Elite Next, state-of-the-art salt chlorination | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

At the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona exhibition, held recently in Barcelona, Fluidra’s director of marketing, Albert Lluís, announced that “the pool of our times is smart, interconnected and remotely controlled”. Indeed, today we would like to tell you about the system that won the Innovative Product Award  at this trade fair: Elite Next, a smart salt chlorinator that stands out for its pioneering technology and its capacity to make maintenance tasks easier than ever before. Would you like to find out about the rest of the features that make this a unique product?

Elite Next by AstralPool is a salt chlorination unit that has been designed as a smart device, that is, the digital settings can be customised and device-to-device communications are straightforward, such as syncing heat pumps and lighting systems.

Specifically, four external devices can be connected that, in turn, can be controlled from the Poolstation home automation platform. This is possible because its configuration comes with a built-in communications protocol (MODBUS) that enables connectivity. Thus, the control of all features in a pool and garden is easy and intuitive.

This salt chlorinator also stands out for its customised control functions through modular plug & play drivers. That means that it is possible to adapt and customise the unit by integrating different functions. Likewise, settings can be adjusted according to a pool’s requirements: pH, redox, ppm, Cu/Ag, amongst others.

The colour touchscreen (2.8” TFT) gives a more visual display of all water control settings, such as salinity and the temperature. Moreover, this salt chlorinator is designed to work in particularly aggressive environments (IP65 rating), thus preventing corrosion and humidity.

Thanks to the intuitive settings and numerous options, it is ideal for the owners of residential pools (of up to 200 m3) who wish to ensure that their pools are completely disinfected at all times, and who are looking for a unit that gives them the option of a low salinity function and electrodes with a long service life (12,000 hours).

If you would like to find out more about Elite Next, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and we will help you find the disinfection unit that best suits your pool’s characteristics.