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The LEGO House, recently opened in the centre of Billund, Denmark, is an amazing life-size construction built using 25 million plastic LEGO bricks in which nothing is what it seems. In total, 21 spaces in the shape of superimposed blocks invite children and adults to explore them through play and their imagination. The house of the Danish toy brand was designed by the BIG firm of architects to showcase the infinite possibilities of LEGO bricks.

In the pool of the LEGO house there is a submarine that has run aground, menacing sharks with their jaws wide open and surf boards that move across the shark-infested waters. “This is what kids do every day with LEGO bricks and this is what we have done in the LEGO House as it stands, thus making Billund closer to becoming the kids’ capital”, explained Bjarke Ingels, the founding partner of the BIG firm of architects.

The building sits on a public playground of 2,000 m2 that is lit up by the cracks between each of the volumes. Blocks and galleries have been arranged on this square that are colour-coded in LEGO’s primary colours to signal the themes staged there. As the team entrusted with the project explained, this means that “finding your way through the exhibitions becomes a journey through the colour spectrum”.

In the LEGO House, a huge multicoloured cascade bursts into the Red zone, devoted to creativity, to form bubbles and foam made of coloured bricks. The underwater world is present throughout the tour, especially in the Yellow zone, designed to explore emotions. Here, fish, octopuses and jellyfish swim among the marine vegetation and a coral reef completely made of LEGO bricks in an enormous aquarium.

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Pictures Iwan Baan