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If you have a heated indoor pool in your home, remember that it is essential to dehumidify it. This process will help attain humidity levels suitable for breathing comfortably in a warm, enclosed environment, prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms that are a health hazard and reduce the condensation of water vapor, which triggers the deterioration of materials and systems.

Spain’s Regulations on Heating Installations in Buildings set the minimum ventilation standards and define the key measures for keeping air quality at acceptable levels in indoor facilities, thus minimizing any adverse effects on health.

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Although every country has different regulations, the ASHRAE code sets global ventilation standards, defines the maximum conditions of relative humidity and, for example, establishes what the air temperature should be in enclosed facilities.

The importance of a dry and healthy atmosphere

Pumps help control the quality of air in an indoor pool, they dehumidify the air in it, and they ventilate and renew the air whilst heating it. They can also increase a pool’s water temperature. Thus, dehumidifier heat pumps ensure that dry, warm air is distributed but no condensation is formed.

Specifically, it is recommended that the air be constantly recirculated (between 4 and 8 times an hour) and the piping protected from pollution outside of the pool. It is likewise recommended that the relative humidity in the pool shell of an indoor pool be kept at between 60 and 65%, and that the air temperature be regulated so that it does not rise more than two degrees above the water’s temperature.

The most common units are free-standing dehumidifiers and ducted dehumidifiers. The first type are installed in the pool enclosure and treat the air in it, whilst the second type are fitted in pump rooms, from which air is distributed and renewed through ducts.

In order to choose a suitable unit, a number of factors should be examined. As well as taking the characteristics of any given pool into consideration, it is also important to decide where the unit will be placed, to look into the recommended options based on regulations and to check that no air pockets will be formed that will block the air ducts.

On the AstralPool website you will find a dehumidifier configurator, which is extremely useful for deciding which is the most suitable heat pump for your pool. If you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to look into the most suitable system so that you get the air quality that will most benefit your health and that of your family.