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CTX, a leading specialist in pool water treatment and care, is celebrating the addition of a new revolutionary product to its catalogue. CTX Care Pods are single-dose tablets that help prevent three common problems in all pools: cloudy water, the formation of foam and the removal of phosphates. Moreover, it is a totally natural product, in line with the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation.

ctx carepodsOne of the advantages of CTX CarePods is that they are easy to use thanks to the packaging in water-soluble film. All users have to do is to place a tablet in their pool’s skimmer basket and wait for the product to follow its natural course of action of dissolving in the water, without the need for them to make complex calculations or use dosing systems. The results can be seen in less than 24 hours.

It is estimated that one dose of CTX CarePods per week is enough to keep the water in a 50 m3 pool crystalline, free of algae, traces of body oil and cream. They are sold in packs of four tablets and are compatible with all disinfection systems.

Testing your pool water is just one click away

In addition, CTX has released a free app able to test the state of your pool water at any time from your smartphone or tablet.

ctx app_ thecoolpoolAvailable for iOS and Android devices as “CTX Pool Care”, the interface displays customised recommendations on maintenance depending on the state of the water tested. Prior to testing the water, users have to enter the characteristics of the pool shell and other basic parameters such as the pH and disinfectant level.

CTX Pool Care is an extremely intuitive and practical platform, as users receive detailed instructions on the solutions and actions to be taken for proper pool care: the exact amount and the way products should be added for optimum water conditions.

Furthermore, the app also gives advice and general guidelines on water maintenance both in the bathing season and in winter, as is the case of the winter care program designed for this season of the year. Additional features of the CTX Pool Care app include a locator of authorised product dealers and a direct helpline to experts who will answer any questions you may ask them.