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A countercurrent swimming system will enable you to make more of your pool than ever before. Easy to install, these devices make it possible to have unlimited fun and swim for as long as you like in small pools. There are no more excuses for not exercising in the comfort of your home.

Here we will review a new range of countercurrent swimming systems by AstralPool. With a modern, streamlined design, these systems fit in perfectly in any pool, and as they are made of polished stainless steel, they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.


In addition, in order to adapt to the needs of each user, the various models in these series have a wide range of features, as well as the choice of various levels of resistance.

A countercurrent system is also a never-ending source of fun for bathers of every age, countless leisure activities can be enjoyed in it and it gives pleasant massages. In fact, hydrotherapy is an extremely good way of reducing high blood pressure, toning up stiff muscles and alleviating joint pain.

All you have to do is to jump into your pool, choose one of the workouts and fulfil your goal: train for a triathlon, tone up your body with aquagym sessions, have a relaxing massage or just let yourself go and enjoy the water’s sheer force!


The three models in this series, whose great hydraulic performance makes them highly competitive, have a discreet white plastic front. ___ ____ ______ ______ ______ _____ _________ ___.


Baptised as “the essence of countercurrent swimming units“, the two models in this series (for liner or concrete pools) enable users to do intensive training that is adapted to their personal routines.


With the water outlet through side slats, the countercurrent units in the Basic BN series are switched on from an innovative illuminated piezoelectric push button. Discover them!


For the most exacting people. This is AstralPool’s highest performing series of countercurrent systems. Its two models have a water outlet through side slats and a top flow rate at the outlet of 12 metres per second.

Download the full catalogue of countercurrent swimming systems here.