Tips for illuminating a residential pool

Did you know that a badly designed lighting system can also make a pool unsafe? Would you like to find out how to illuminate one so that the play of light on water can make it even more spectacular? Do you know what the latest trends are? Halogen or LED spotlights? We’ve got the answers!

A pool with well designed lighting is safer and more efficient

Before fitting lighting in a pool, we recommend checking out which places could be more dangerous in the dark. Steps, edges, benches and slopes should always be visible, including at the dead of night. Look closely at your pool’s floor plan, pick out these areas and weigh up the possibility of fitting spotlights with brighter light specially designed for small spaces.

tendencias iluminación piscina

A properly lit pool is environmentally friendly

Compared with halogen lights, the latest in underwater LED lighting design prevents environmental light pollution and enhances energy efficiency.

Indeed, AstralPool’s LumiPlus range has become the world leader in pool lighting because of its innovation, functionality and eco-friendliness. Specifically, the LumiPlus Design spotlight points downwards to the pool floor to prevent it from causing outdoor light pollution. What’s more, this model improves luminous efficiency by 40% compared with the most commonly available solutions.

The latest trends enable lighting to be remotely controlled

Once safe, efficient lighting has been put in, it’s time to think about how to make your pool even more spectacular! Connected pools now make it possible to change the color of lights with a remote control. The LumiPlus Control Motion remote control is sensitive to the slightest movement so that when it is in a vertical position the lights change color, whilst when it is horizontal the color sequences change.

Did you know that one of the latest trends was to create starry night skies using lighting? We couldn’t think of anything more spectacular than the firmament for lighting up the bottom of your pool

A walk through the complex of magic fountains in Astana

Magic curtains, colored lights, water that moves to the rhythm of music and that shoots up into the sky with the power of a natural geyser. Blasts of flames and amazing shafts of light. The innovative technology behind the fountains in Astana (Kazakhstan) is just one of the latest advances in the complex that staged the 2017 Expo on the future of energy. Would you like to take a walk with us to see this fountain up close?

This exhibit, devoted to the most innovative technology, attracted four million visitors who were greeted by a monumental fountain that danced to magical music designed by AstralPool. Just a few technical details will give an idea of its monumental size: a surface area of 2,630 m2, a water volume of 1,618 m3, 12 kilometers of power cables and a network of 8 kilometers of piping. What’s more, its almost unlimited combinations of light and color, and a total of 200 lights can create 16 million colors!

Magical fountains designed by Astralpool

That’s not all! This magic fountain has a number of jets: vertical, dancing and rocket jets that shoot out the water an explosive 30 meters from the ground. AstralPool has even included a completely safe device  able to shoot colored flames into the air alongside the water. A unique customized set-up designed with a groundbreaking filtration, disinfection and software control system.

It is also possible to walk around the magic fountain of Astana up to a raised bridge on which the sheer power of the water can be felt and the light show seen. It will still be possible to visit the complex in 2018, when it will also stage projects for smart lighting systems, geographic information systems, and various publicly or privately funded schemes.

Would you like to discover other wonderful fountains by AstralPool? Don’t miss The Cool Pool post on which we discuss the latest trends in fountain design!

Prevent your pool water from freezing

Extremely cold weather and surface tension on frozen water can damage pools by cracking the walls and giving rise to irreparable damage in pipes. To stop this, action must be taken before the first frosts. But there is no reason to worry. We’re here to help you fight off the cold just in time!

1. Use floating icebreakers

Floating icebreakers are placed diagonally across a pool and remain suspended in the water to prevent frost and ice from forming. Floating icebreakers have been specifically designed to absorb the increase in water volume, diminish excess pressure and thus prevent any potential cracks in pools. These icebreakers have holes that enable them to be tied together so that they fit in a specific pool size.

2. Don’t forget to protect your pool with a winter cover!

Combined with floating icebreakers, winter covers keep the heat in during the day, stop the proliferation of microorganisms, prevent debris from getting into a pool and serve as a safety barrier while a pool is not being used.

The Cool Pool

3. Move the water

To withstand the first frosts, or in areas where winters are mild, it is also worth switching on the water pump to make the water move and break up any sheets of ice that may have formed. However, during a harsh winter it is recommended to keep the water still, empty all water pipes to prevent them from bursting and protect the pump and filter by covering them with an insulating material.

By following these basic steps and checking the state of the pool water every three weeks, freezing will be prevented and all that will have to be done is to calmly wait until temperatures rise to start the bathing season again.

Discover how to dehumidify an indoor pool

If you have a heated indoor pool in your home, remember that it is essential to dehumidify it. This process will help attain humidity levels suitable for breathing comfortably in a warm, enclosed environment, prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms that are a health hazard and reduce the condensation of water vapor, which triggers the deterioration of materials and systems.

Spain’s Regulations on Heating Installations in Buildings set the minimum ventilation standards and define the key measures for keeping air quality at acceptable levels in indoor facilities, thus minimizing any adverse effects on health.

piscina cubierta

Although every country has different regulations, the ASHRAE code sets global ventilation standards, defines the maximum conditions of relative humidity and, for example, establishes what the air temperature should be in enclosed facilities.

The importance of a dry and healthy atmosphere

Pumps help control the quality of air in an indoor pool, they dehumidify the air in it, and they ventilate and renew the air whilst heating it. They can also increase a pool’s water temperature. Thus, dehumidifier heat pumps ensure that dry, warm air is distributed but no condensation is formed.

Specifically, it is recommended that the air be constantly recirculated (between 4 and 8 times an hour) and the piping protected from pollution outside of the pool. It is likewise recommended that the relative humidity in the pool shell of an indoor pool be kept at between 60 and 65%, and that the air temperature be regulated so that it does not rise more than two degrees above the water’s temperature.

The most common units are free-standing dehumidifiers and ducted dehumidifiers. The first type are installed in the pool enclosure and treat the air in it, whilst the second type are fitted in pump rooms, from which air is distributed and renewed through ducts.

In order to choose a suitable unit, a number of factors should be examined. As well as taking the characteristics of any given pool into consideration, it is also important to decide where the unit will be placed, to look into the recommended options based on regulations and to check that no air pockets will be formed that will block the air ducts.

On the AstralPool website you will find a dehumidifier configurator, which is extremely useful for deciding which is the most suitable heat pump for your pool. If you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to look into the most suitable system so that you get the air quality that will most benefit your health and that of your family.

5 key trends of the pool sector in 2018

In 2018, we will swim in pools with transparent sides that will create optical illusions in our gardens. What’s more, next year space restrictions will be less of a concern because pools are becoming more compact to fit inside our homes. Shared pools, conceptual designs and pools able to match our moods will also burst onto the scene in 2018. Welcome to the future!

1. Pools that blend in with the surroundings

A few days ago we announced that 2018 would be the year of pools with a wow factor. Indeed, pools with transparent sides deliver on this because they feel like they blend in with the surroundings and bring water into buildings to create amazing optical illusions.

Tendencias 2018: Piscinas transparentes

2.- Shared pools

Shared pools have come about to give a solution to the demands of a new society with different ways of spending leisure time.If we have become used to sharing our homes, music and TVs, why not transfer this business model to the pool sector?

In the future, apps will be able to put people in contact with pool owners willing to share their pools and breathe new life into them, as they are sometimes underused.

These apps also have advantages for businesses in the sector as they are able to access huge data sets to pick up on business requirements, find out where their potential customers are and anticipate future needs.

Tendencias 2018: Piscina colaborativa

3. The boom in mini-pools

The luxury of being able to enjoy a pool in the home is not constrained by space. In 2018, the pool will become a luxury domestic object, of a modest size, minimalist in design and made of materials that will fit in with the interior décor of our homes.

4. Pools that match our moods

The smart pool in 2018 will also be able to match our mood, interpret our emotions and adjust all systems to create an atmosphere that ties in with them. The new apps will be able to instantly change the temperature, the lighting and even trigger aromas to adapt to our energy levels. A stunning new concept.

5. Instagrammable pools

Daring designs in contrasting colours will be at the height of fashion. Architecture that showcases pools in a new light, as if they were conceptual works of art or film sets will become viral in 2018 through social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Tendencias 2018: Piscinas 'instagrameables'
Tendencias 2018: Piscinas 'instagrameables'

Pictures: Barclay & Crousse / Unsplash / Richard England

Look after your pool – especially in winter!

The hibernation process is essential to prevent the growth of microorganisms in pool water and becomes a core task in keeping the glass mosaic tiles or liner of the basin in perfect condition. Also, with the arrival of the good weather, it enables a fast start-up of the motor and the systems that integrate it, letting us dive straight into swim season.

Do you know how to minimise maintenance tasks without risking them not being efficient enough for the job? Internet-connected objects inside the pool help simplify the entire hibernation process, deliver savings on maintenance product costs and ensure real-time tracking with minimal effort.

Blue Connect is a floating sensor hooked up to the internet through the Sigfox network, the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service, capable of working at a speed that does not interfere with the domestic wifi network. This smart device analyses four parameters that are essential for assessing water quality in winter: temperature, pH, chlorine and salinity. Did you know that if any of these measurements changes it can contribute to the rapid development of microorganisms or reduce the disinfecting power of maintenance products?

Hibernation via clear, reliable and concise data

Blue adapts to any pool type and the mobile app reports on essential maintenance actions, making real-time suggestions on how to correct the values and sending smart notifications to your phone so you know how to stabilise the parameters and modify them quickly.

Through the smartphone app you can access a complete control panel indicating the tasks to perform, the recorded values, their development and information on temperature and outside weather conditions. With a step-by-step visual guide created by maintenance professionals, Blue performs a comprehensive diagnosis enabling online control of your pool 24 hours a day.

Want to know how Blue Connect works? Check out this video for an idea of how intuitive, easy and effective it is!

Piscine Laghetto: relaxing in the water

Sophisticated, minimalist pools stand out in Piscine Laghetto’s catalog with relaxation areas and structures specially designed for enjoying a swim, not only in the garden but also in the home. Would you like to learn more about three models that have become classics in the interior design sector and cutting-edge architectural design?

Dolcevita, an above-ground pool in an exclusive Italian design

This above-ground pool is characterized by its versatility, its exclusive design and hi-tech features. Its three models, Diva, Rattan and Woody, with their characteristic hand-woven panels, can be customized in a number of materials, colors and finishes. The exclusive interior coating of this above-ground pool, in a sophisticated style, is unbeatable for withstanding aging and curbs the characteristic wear and tear of outdoor pools.


Pop!, the luxury of enjoying nature

Butterfly purple, ladybird red, caterpillar green, star white, sea sand and fairy blue: the range of colors of the Pop! pool, lavish and lively, pay homage to nature, playfulness and creativity. This pool in an undulating shape has been designed for enjoying the water outdoors, where nature is more alive, freer and wilder.

Playa, minimalist luxury in the home

The Playa model has been selected by publications specialized in interior design such as Architectural Digest, Marie Claire Maison, Domus and Elle Decor. The Playa model has been featured in these magazines as it is a designer object that can be adapted to all environments in the home.

This mini hydromassage pool in straight, sober lines will fit in to any space because both the textile trimmings and the outer panels are available in different colors: from white to gray, through to a coffee tone. In addition, the cushions around the edge of the pool, made of hand-woven fibers, are conducive to relaxation before and after a swim.


Essential guide for heating your pool

As temperatures fall and autumn approaches, questions often arise about how to heat a pool efficiently. What is the best choice between an electric heater and a heat pump? How can heat be kept in with a pool cover? We will help you to familiarise yourself with the basic systems so that you can start to prepare your pool for the cold days ahead. Can you imagine swimming in warm water, when night has just fallen or when it is snowing outside?

Heat pumps

Heat pumps with inverter technology can be highlighted for their capacity to heat pool water noiselessly, as well as using less energy. The latest models, such as the Pro Elyo Inverboost NN heat pumps by AstralPool, are highly recommended for heating residential pools, whilst being energy-efficient.

Their A power rating makes them the most efficient ones in the market because they can save up to 33% in comparison with standard class C pumps. This is possible because inverter technology automatically changes the power input in response to outdoor weather conditions and ensures that pumps work to optimum capacity at all times. Along these lines, the Soft Start system prevents current surges when the compressor starts up.

AstralPool’s Pro Elyo Inverboost NN heat pumps can be connected to the Fluidra Connect platform via the Modbus communications protocol and have been specially designed to perform better in the most adverse weather conditions.

Solar panels

Solar panels make the most of natural sources of energy. They are without a doubt the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option for heating water. However, local climate conditions will largely dictate whether this is the best system for you. Solar collectors can be placed anywhere, but preferably near your pool, either on the roof or in an area without shade and that receives a great deal of sunlight.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters work using the Joule effect, and they are discreet and efficient in smaller pools, thus saving space and simplifying the water heating system. They are easy to install as they just have to be placed on a pool’s filtration circuit and they manage to heat the water over a period of 2 to 5 days. Maintenance costs are a little higher than the other options discussed and it is recommended that they be used at off-peak times, according to your electricity supplier’s rates.

Pool covers

Apart from being a safety feature, pool covers protect pools and conserve the water’s temperature by preventing the heat that builds up from being lost at night time. Manual or motorised covers with rollers favour water savings and they reduce heat loss from the pool water. In addition, they ensure that chemical products used for water treatment do not evaporate before they have time to take effect. Did you know that these systems can help reduce energy consumption by up to 50%? 


Dehumidifiers eliminate humid, cold air, thus keeping the air warm and dry. Moreover, they enhance pump performance as they keep energy consumption down and run on the most silent technology available.

Heat exchangers

This is a suitable method if your pool is not very far from your house. Heat exchangers can be placed on your home’s boiler, provided it has been designed to work in combination with this system. Thus, the pool water is heated by the boiler through two separate circuits. If you have an efficient boiler, you should be able to increase the temperature of your pool in 2 days.

If you have any questions about the best way of heating your pool, do not hesitate to contact us!

Elite Next, state-of-the-art salt chlorination

At the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona exhibition, held recently in Barcelona, Fluidra’s director of marketing, Albert Lluís, announced that “the pool of our times is smart, interconnected and remotely controlled”. Indeed, today we would like to tell you about the system that won the Innovative Product Award  at this trade fair: Elite Next, a smart salt chlorinator that stands out for its pioneering technology and its capacity to make maintenance tasks easier than ever before. Would you like to find out about the rest of the features that make this a unique product?

Elite Next by AstralPool is a salt chlorination unit that has been designed as a smart device, that is, the digital settings can be customised and device-to-device communications are straightforward, such as syncing heat pumps and lighting systems.

Specifically, four external devices can be connected that, in turn, can be controlled from the Poolstation home automation platform. This is possible because its configuration comes with a built-in communications protocol (MODBUS) that enables connectivity. Thus, the control of all features in a pool and garden is easy and intuitive.

This salt chlorinator also stands out for its customised control functions through modular plug & play drivers. That means that it is possible to adapt and customise the unit by integrating different functions. Likewise, settings can be adjusted according to a pool’s requirements: pH, redox, ppm, Cu/Ag, amongst others.

The colour touchscreen (2.8” TFT) gives a more visual display of all water control settings, such as salinity and the temperature. Moreover, this salt chlorinator is designed to work in particularly aggressive environments (IP65 rating), thus preventing corrosion and humidity.

Thanks to the intuitive settings and numerous options, it is ideal for the owners of residential pools (of up to 200 m3) who wish to ensure that their pools are completely disinfected at all times, and who are looking for a unit that gives them the option of a low salinity function and electrodes with a long service life (12,000 hours).

If you would like to find out more about Elite Next, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and we will help you find the disinfection unit that best suits your pool’s characteristics.


Pool heating: the bathing season continues in autumn!

Summer days are coming to an end, but this doesn’t mean that your days in your garden’s pool have to come to an end in September. Do you know how to lengthen the bathing season when it starts to get cold? Would you like to find out how to raise the temperature of your pool by a few degrees that is inexpensive and environmentally friendly?

Inverter heat pumps heat the water to a pleasant temperature and are essential for making the bathing season longer. This technology’s balanced and sustainable energy consumption makes it possible to enjoy a swim even when the outdoor temperatures get colder and colder.

Heating pools using inverter technology is an efficient and inexpensive way of heating water as it can save up to 30% in comparison with conventional heat pumps. Inverter heat pumps are silent, eco-friendly and low energy devices. This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a sustainable solution. Specifically, AstralPool Pro Elyo Inverboost heat pumps are perfect for residential pools of up to 80 m3 and have the capacity to modify the power input depending of the water’s temperature and the outdoor weather conditions.

Inverter pumps can be used in every season. However, they are the perfect choice for heating pool water in winter (because they can run at outdoor temperatures as low as -10 ºC and have been specially designed to do so) and they can also be regulated to cool the water in summer.


Efficient and sustainable technology


Pro Eloy Inverboost heaters can be run in three modes: powerful, smart and quiet. Indeed, the latter mode makes running a pool at night extremely discreet as it works at between 40 and 42 dB, the sound level in a library.

Inverter heat pumps electronically regulate the rotational speed of the fan and compressor to adapt to the water and outdoor temperatures. This enables the unit to adapt its power input to the specific needs at the time a pool is being used, thus making significant savings.

Are you thinking about installing one of these pumps in your pool? Would you like to find out the characteristics of each of these models? There is a configurator on the AstralPool website that will enable you to find the solution best suited to your specific water requirements, the size of your pool shell, the weather and the desired pool temperature. The configurator will offer a selection of heat pumps and electric heaters that will deliver the best energy efficiency based on the information entered. Specifically, if you would like to enjoy inverter technology in your pool, we recommend the following models: Inverboost 10, Inverboost 14, Inverboost 21 and Inverboost 35.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to be of assistance!