The 4 more interesting pool cover systems on the market

A pool cover helps slow down a pool’s deterioration and keep the water temperature even.

Moreover, it is important to remember the advantages of fitting a pool cover, as it can reduce water loss due to evaporation by up to 65% in private pools.

Consequently, a pool cover can result in 25% energy savings through the processes of evaporation, convection and cooling.

Pool covers also serve to prevent accidents when a pool is not being used due to people falling into it, especially if  you have kids or pets in your home.

Whether installed in new or existing pools, these systems cover the entire surface of the pool for increased safety and improved maintenance.

In-ground covers are best suited for new pools and blend in seamlessly with a pool deck. The roller mechanism is located in a separate sunken compartment sectioned off from the pool by a brick or PVC panel.

If you already have a pool and in the initial stage you forgot to factor in a pool cover, the above-ground covers are the most suitable, as the roller mechanism is located outside the pool, that is, it is anchored to the pool’s edge.

Telescopic pool covers are a quick solution that look good if you want to protect your pool and make it safe.

A telescopic cover not only maintains the water temperature, but also works as free natural heating thanks to the greenhouse effect that increases the water temperature by 6 to 10 ºC without any type of additional power consumption. In addition, it will allow you to lengthen the pool season and prolong the amount of time spent in the pool every day.

Finally, there are telescopic platforms, one of the most attractive solutions as whenever covered, the pool’s surface is still a space full of life.

The slat clip-on assembly system is extremely smooth and easy. It is easy to put together without the need to drill holes, fasten screws or make any other kind of adjustment.

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How does a poolside solar shower work?

Do you know how a solar shower works? What are its advantages?

In this article, we will give you the basic notions that you need to know if you’re thinking of fitting a solar shower in your pool.

Solar showers work just the same as a bathroom shower, with the advantage that they obtain hot water from solar power, a clean and endless source of energy.

The way it works is very simple: the water accumulates in the body of the shower through a collector, where it is heated thanks to solar radiation.

You will have hot water all day long as the water is continuously renewed and heated.

What should you consider when you choose a solar shower for a pool?

The main feature is the tank’s capacity, as the greater it is the more hot water you will have.

Another important feature is whether it allows you to adjust both the water flow rate and temperature. Having a mixer tap is important as each bather will be able to adjust the temperature to individual taste.

It is also important to see if it has a footbath. Not all models have one and not everybody will need one, but it is important to consider according to your requirements.

There are many models in the market to choose from, but we are showcasing three solar showers recognized for their performance and quality.

The Iguazú solar shower is a matte stainless steel shower with an adjustable shower head and two body jets with a nebulizer effect. It has a 30-liter aluminum storage tank.

The Niágara solar solar in polished stainless steel has a mixer tap and a square limescale resistant shower head. Also with a 30-liter tank, it stands out for its contemporary design in straight, elegant lines.

The Angel solar shower is the most modern of the three. Made of gray aluminum, it has a limescale resistant shower head and a 30-liter tank just like the previous options.

Nothing can beat a solar shower after a swim in the pool. Not just because you won’t have to shower with freezing cold water, but also because of the power savings it makes.

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How do you disinfect your pool water?


 How can you get your pool water into tip-top condition? Do you know about the alternatives to chlorine?

There are different treatments for looking after pool water that make it possible to keep the water clean and, above all, free of pathogenic microorganisms that can affect the health of bathers.

Chlorine is the most popular chemical used for treating pool water, but not the most advanced disinfectant.

One disadvantage of chemical treatment using chlorine is that it must be used alongside other products, such as a pH regulator, and it must be remembered that if the right dose is not added, it can cause sore eyes, dry skin, rashes and even blemishes on the skin.

However, it is beginning to lose its popularity due to the launch of more effective and sustainable solutions on the market.

Salt chlorination, or electrolysis, is based on the age-old understanding of the antiseptic properties of salt.

But… How does it work? Salt chlorinators generate chlorine from the table salt dissolved in the water. Disinfection is more efficient due to the combined action of the chlorine and other agents that are generated during salt chlorination (active oxygen) and to the oxidation on the electrodes of the organic matter in the water.

Bathers will no longer suffer from skin irritation and sore eyes, as the chloramines that cause these effects are destroyed.

Another method of disinfection that does not require any type of chemical product for keeping your pool in perfect condition is ultraviolet disinfection.

Sunlight removes the germs and prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi. It is therefore a more physical method that enables all of a pool’s water to be treated and results in disinfected water with no bad smells or sore eyes thanks to the drastic reduction in chloramines.

Furthermore, it is an extremely environmentally friendly alternative (fewer top-ups of water, fewer residual by-products form in the water and the environment, and no chemical products are added to the water).

Another alternative is disinfection by neolysis, which consists in combining the advantages of the salt chlorination and UV ray methods described above.

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Artificial lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons

A few years ago, recreational real estate developments concentrated on parks with play areas, expanses of grass and golf courses. In recent years, artificial lakes have become the backbone of any tourist, residential or commercial project as this solution brings in many benefits.

The added value afforded by artificial lakes means that their owners can enjoy water sports, which are usually done in open waters, in total safety on their doorsteps. Naturally, this added value increases demand from households in the vicinity.

The freshwater and saltwater lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons have innovative, customized designs that make it possible to create beach paradises for each project adapted to the location and local climate, whether in a new complex or one that already exists.

What characterizes these artificial lakes first and foremost is that leisure and fun can be had on them in complete safety. They are designed for all the family to relax and rest, and to do sports such as kayaking, wakeboarding and paddleboarding without ever running the risk of encountering the ocean currents, jellyfish or sharks that could be found in open waters.

The efficiency of new filtration systems, developed for large expanses of water, together with 24/7 monitoring in real time, means that this oasis of crystal clear water is always in top condition, works all year around and consumes up to 30 times less water than a golf course, depending on the climate and location.

In addition, the amount it costs to build and maintain an artificial lake is almost next to nothing if compared to other types of water facilities, as well as helping to bring an area to life because a wide range of activities can be held there.

Thanks to this added value, the demand for artificial lakes by Pure Blue Lagoons is currently showing an upward trend, which will continue to rise in the future.

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How to get a more connected pool in 2018

We present the three most important developments in pool connectivity so that all you have to worry about this swim season is enjoying the water!

Fluidra Connect & GO: the new Fluidra Connect

This new solution includes a control cabinet and promises to cut installation time by around 80%. Automated equipment has never been so easy!

The Fluidra Connect & Go cabinet is equivalent to the control cabinet used in any pool. It features all the automatic parts inside and is Internet-ready with an Ethernet cable, wifi or 3G router; it can share the house Internet connection so you don’t have to sign up to any regular payments.

The automatic equipment can turn off lights and change the pool filter or water temperature directly from the Fluidra Connect app, anytime, anywhere. Plus, maintenance call-outs can be arranged straight from the app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Fluidra Connect & Go app has two versions – the professional one, Fluidra Connect Pro (which lets pool technicians configure the equipment in just four steps and no more than 10 minutes), and the one for end users, called Fluidra Connect. Both are available free for iOS and Android.

Fluidra Connect & Go lets you spend less time looking after your pool and more time enjoying it, with the peace of mind of knowing it is always in the best hands.

Blue Connect: the evolution of Blue by Riiot

The principle behind the smart water analyzer is the same: Blue Connect uses a probe to measure core water parameters (temperature, pH, ORP/redox, conductivity) and aids pool maintenance thanks to the customized guide available from the Blue Connect free app.

So what’s new?

There are various improvements in this new 2018 release:

A new probe and new battery that power product efficiency.

Extended product warranty. Blue Connect is the only pool analyzer with a probe that has a two-year warranty.

New Blue Connect app with a revamped design, easier to use and with new functionalities.

Blue Fit50: the novelty

Blue Fit50 is a hose clamp that lets you attach Blue Connect to the pump room piping, making it the ideal alternative if you can’t place Blue Connect in the water, particularly for covered pools.

Blue Fit50 can be installed in three simple steps: drill into the piping, attach the clamp, and screw the Blue Connect to the Blue Fit50. Once positioned in the pump room pipework, Blue Connect is used in exactly the same way as if it were in the water.

All of these connectible pool products will be available starting April 2018.

If you have any questions or need more information, please check the product websites: /

Energy efficiency in pools, now a reality!

The concept of energy efficiency encompasses many types of savings, all of which translate as lower running costs for pool owners.

In the pool sector, new, more efficient products are released every season that can bring about significant energy savings. However, it is the combination of these products that can make a big difference to our bills. If you’re wondering what energy-efficient products will give you the best value for money, there is no doubt that the winning combination is a pool cover and an inverter heat pump.

People generally associate a pool cover with safety, but it also results in the use of fewer products for treating the water as it prevents dirt from getting into the water.
In fact, automatic pool covers usually have a setting on the control panel to put the water treatment system in stand-by mode.

However, a cover not only entails savings in chemicals, but also prevents the water from evaporating, which is the way most of the heat is lost from a heated pool. Further savings can be made in indoor pools, as the dehumidification system can be run for less time.

If you would also like to be able to enjoy your pool for more months in the year, a heat pump is unbeatable in terms of performance and consumption.
Under normal conditions, a heat pump draws around 80% of the energy it supplies to a pool from the air (the EU considers this to be renewable energy).
With the addition of inverter technology to pool heat pumps, a unit can increase its performance by as much as threefold thanks to the compressor and fan changing speed according to the air and water conditions.

That is why the combination of these two pieces of pool equipment results in considerable daily savings, in addition to delivering the best technical and best looking solution in the pool sector.

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Discover SUP and start to do it in your pool!

Laird Hamilton has surfed monster waves. The biggest and most dangerous there are. Raging waters that can only be reached by helicopter, in inflatable boats or on a water scooter. To reach these milestones when there still weren’t any rules, Hamilton started out by surfing on a board with a paddle to help him improve his performance. He had created the modern version of stand up paddling (SUP).

This sport became a core part of his training and enabled him to surf waves of up to 30 meters high, such as those in Jaws, on this island of Maui (Hawaii), which turned him into a legend of the world of surfing. “Nothing makes you stronger for surfing the biggest waves than stand up paddling. It gives your legs, feet and toes stability and strength”. These were his words in an interview for the specialized magazine Standup Journal, where he also described how people asked themselves what sport it was when first they saw him in Ho’okipa (Hawaii).

SUP piscina

Stand up paddling, a sport without limits

Since then, Hamilton has demonstrated that there are no limits to doing SUP and has crossed the high tides of Turnagain Arm in Alaska, the Grand Canyon, the English Channel and he has gone around all of the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. SUP, which was almost discovered by accident, is now more popular than ever and the types of board depend on the activity to be done on them: yoga, long-distance paddling, down-river runs, riding the waves, etc., on both the open sea and inland waterways.

To break into the world of SUP, we recommend starting in calm waters such as in a pool, as it is a confined space that provides the safety required during the first days of training, because the wind and adverse weather conditions can make the water almost impossible to navigate. When you start to build up confidence in flat water, we would encourage you to try it out in surf wave pools!

Other top tips, according to Laird Hamilton, are to find a good instructor, to be familiar with the places where you paddle, to keep safe and to have as much fun as possible: “Go out with a smile and respect the ocean or whatever water you find yourself doing SUP in. Ready to give it a try?

Tips for illuminating a residential pool

Did you know that a badly designed lighting system can also make a pool unsafe? Would you like to find out how to illuminate one so that the play of light on water can make it even more spectacular? Do you know what the latest trends are? Halogen or LED spotlights? We’ve got the answers!

A pool with well designed lighting is safer and more efficient

Before fitting lighting in a pool, we recommend checking out which places could be more dangerous in the dark. Steps, edges, benches and slopes should always be visible, including at the dead of night. Look closely at your pool’s floor plan, pick out these areas and weigh up the possibility of fitting spotlights with brighter light specially designed for small spaces.

tendencias iluminación piscina

A properly lit pool is environmentally friendly

Compared with halogen lights, the latest in underwater LED lighting design prevents environmental light pollution and enhances energy efficiency.

Indeed, AstralPool’s LumiPlus range has become the world leader in pool lighting because of its innovation, functionality and eco-friendliness. Specifically, the LumiPlus Design spotlight points downwards to the pool floor to prevent it from causing outdoor light pollution. What’s more, this model improves luminous efficiency by 40% compared with the most commonly available solutions.

The latest trends enable lighting to be remotely controlled

Once safe, efficient lighting has been put in, it’s time to think about how to make your pool even more spectacular! Connected pools now make it possible to change the color of lights with a remote control. The LumiPlus Control Motion remote control is sensitive to the slightest movement so that when it is in a vertical position the lights change color, whilst when it is horizontal the color sequences change.

Did you know that one of the latest trends was to create starry night skies using lighting? We couldn’t think of anything more spectacular than the firmament for lighting up the bottom of your pool

A walk through the complex of magic fountains in Astana

Magic curtains, colored lights, water that moves to the rhythm of music and that shoots up into the sky with the power of a natural geyser. Blasts of flames and amazing shafts of light. The innovative technology behind the fountains in Astana (Kazakhstan) is just one of the latest advances in the complex that staged the 2017 Expo on the future of energy. Would you like to take a walk with us to see this fountain up close?

This exhibit, devoted to the most innovative technology, attracted four million visitors who were greeted by a monumental fountain that danced to magical music designed by AstralPool. Just a few technical details will give an idea of its monumental size: a surface area of 2,630 m2, a water volume of 1,618 m3, 12 kilometers of power cables and a network of 8 kilometers of piping. What’s more, its almost unlimited combinations of light and color, and a total of 200 lights can create 16 million colors!

Magical fountains designed by Astralpool

That’s not all! This magic fountain has a number of jets: vertical, dancing and rocket jets that shoot out the water an explosive 30 meters from the ground. AstralPool has even included a completely safe device  able to shoot colored flames into the air alongside the water. A unique customized set-up designed with a groundbreaking filtration, disinfection and software control system.

It is also possible to walk around the magic fountain of Astana up to a raised bridge on which the sheer power of the water can be felt and the light show seen. It will still be possible to visit the complex in 2018, when it will also stage projects for smart lighting systems, geographic information systems, and various publicly or privately funded schemes.

Would you like to discover other wonderful fountains by AstralPool? Don’t miss The Cool Pool post on which we discuss the latest trends in fountain design!

Meet Guillaume Néry, world freediving champion

With just one breath and using muscle strength only, French freediver Guillaume Néry can plunge to a depth of 410 feet. With his multiple world achievements and through an astonishing combination of elite sport and video art, Néry has promoted the immensity of nature, showing that the human body has an enormous capacity to adapt to water and sharing the profound values he has learnt on the seabed.

His video Free Fall, which shows him leaping into the void inside Dean’s Blue Hole, the largest in the world and 663 feet deep, captures the beauty and mystery of this bay in the Bahamas. The viral video, recorded by his wife Julie Gautier, has been seen 26 million times on YouTube but as the couple said on US TV show Outrageous Acts of Science, “The idea wasn’t to touch the bottom but to create an art film different to what we usually see beneath the water, redefining limits and seeking to dive as deep as possible”.

Apnea peso libre

The magic of freediving

In addition to being a multiple constant weight freediving champion, Néry has absolute control of body over mind in the most extreme conditions and says that holding his breath helps him stop thinking and enter a state of complete peace and relaxation.

For Néry, diving becomes a type of conquest of the universe and gives him access to an unknown and unexplored space. In his TED talk The Exhilarating Peace of Freediving, he said of his experience at the seabed at a depth of 403 feet without oxygen equipment: “I feel like a small dot, a speck of dust, stardust, floating in the middle of the cosmos, in the middle of nothing, in the immensity of space. It’s a fascinating sensation, because when I look up, down, left, right, in front, behind, I see the same thing: the infinite deep blue.”

Diving also lets him connect with other values, such as humility, acceptance of the present moment and respect for his crew: “When I find myself at these depths… I’m a little speck of nothingness lost in all of time and space. And it … is absolutely fascinating.”

Don’t miss the video in which Guillaume Néry explores the Y40 pool, the deepest pool in the world, in a unique dive with no scuba equipment!