What if you could create an unlimited source of adventure, health and well-being for you and yours? Turn your garden into your family’s (and friends’!) favourite place this summer with an in-ground pool.

Made of wood, steel, with a stone- or rattan-like finish, our in-ground pools are versatile and highly functional. In addition to providing hours of fun, these elegant systems adapt to any terrain, blend in perfectly with the landscape and improve the look of a garden.

Among the various options of in-ground pools currently on the market, the Atolón range should be highlighted. This series forms part of the new catalogue of the brand Gre and has many options for customisation, which will enable you to turn your garden into an oasis of rest and peace.

Characteristics of Atolón in-ground pools

Available in depths of 1.50 m and 1.20 m, Atolón kits include a pool made up of blue and white pre-coated steel sheeting, a sand filter, a stainless steel ladder with 3 or 4 steps (depending on the pool’s depth), a monoblock filtration kit of 10 or 8 m3/h (according to the pool model) with sand and skimmer, a polyester protective ground sheet, a kit of fittings and adhesive, an American skimmer and a hose.

In addition, all of the components of Atolón pools have been subject to several treatments that ensure maximum durability and that materials remain in a good state of repair. For example, a UV-resistant coating is applied to delay the ageing of the PVC. Furthermore, Gre has an extensive network of service engineers who deal with the whole pool installation process.

You will find more information here about the Atolón range and all other products by Gre, a part of the Fluidra group and a market leader for more than 50 years.