It’s a fact that pools of crystal-clear, turquoise water – clean and clear swimming pools that invite you to dive in –are some of the most shared images on social networks.

To some extent inclement weather, insects, etc. make it difficult to maintain swimming pools in such pristine condition and also speed up the aging of the pool, amongst other issues. A pool cover system helps to prevent heat loss and slow a pool’s deterioration. It is also important to remember the advantages of a cover, since it reduces water loss through evaporation by 30% in public pools and 65% in private pools. Consequently, a pool cover can result in 25% energy savings through processes of evaporation, convection and cooling. Pool covers also serve to prevent accidents when the pool is not in use and ensure that no one falls into the water. Whether installed in new or existing pools, these systems cover the entire surface of the pool for increased safety and improved maintenance.



The two models sold, both made with rigid slats and a motorized roller, are available in various colors. The in-ground model is best suited for new pools and integrates seamlessly with the pool deck. The roller mechanism is located in a separate sunken compartment sectioned off from the pool by a brick or PVC panel.  The above-ground models are ideal for existing pools where this type of protective element was included in the initial design. The roller mechanism is located outside the pool, that is, anchored to the pool’s edge.

The following video shows the installation of this above-ground system in an existing pool.

In both cases all systems are activated and silently operate with the simple turn of a key. The results are easy to see: regular water level is maintained and the pool is kept clean and free of foreign objects like leaves and suspended particles.

Depending on your specific needs one of the two options will be chosen.