The pool experts / 4 interesting pool cover systems | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

A pool cover helps slow down a pool’s deterioration and keep the water temperature even.

Moreover, it is important to remember the advantages of fitting a pool cover, as it can reduce water loss due to evaporation by up to 65% in private pools.

Consequently, a pool cover can result in 25% energy savings through the processes of evaporation, convection and cooling.

Pool covers also serve to prevent accidents when a pool is not being used due to people falling into it, especially if  you have kids or pets in your home.

Whether installed in new or existing pools, these systems cover the entire surface of the pool for increased safety and improved maintenance.

In-ground covers are best suited for new pools and blend in seamlessly with a pool deck. The roller mechanism is located in a separate sunken compartment sectioned off from the pool by a brick or PVC panel.

If you already have a pool and in the initial stage you forgot to factor in a pool cover, the above-ground covers are the most suitable, as the roller mechanism is located outside the pool, that is, it is anchored to the pool’s edge.

Telescopic pool covers are a quick solution that look good if you want to protect your pool and make it safe.

A telescopic cover not only maintains the water temperature, but also works as free natural heating thanks to the greenhouse effect that increases the water temperature by 6 to 10 ºC without any type of additional power consumption. In addition, it will allow you to lengthen the pool season and prolong the amount of time spent in the pool every day.

Finally, there are telescopic platforms, one of the most attractive solutions as whenever covered, the pool’s surface is still a space full of life.

The slat clip-on assembly system is extremely smooth and easy. It is easy to put together without the need to drill holes, fasten screws or make any other kind of adjustment.

Have you got a cover for your pool? Contact us and we will tell you about all of the choices available for your pool.