The pool experts / AstralPool, Sponsor of Sabadell Swimming Club | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Through its brand AstralPool, the Fluidra group has renewed its sponsorship of the women’s water polo team based at Sabadell Swimming Club for three more years. The signing of this agreement will further build up the successful relationship that began in 2007 between the brand and the sports club.

For almost a decade, AstralPool has been making its latest innovations available to the women’s water polo team at Sabadell Swimming Club with excellent results. The Club has been making history for several years now: in 2011 it became the first Spanish club to win the European Cup, a title it won back in 2013 and 2014.

Indeed, the last edition of the championships on 11 and 12 April in Sabadell was sponsored by Fluidra. Much to their credit, the players on trainer Nani Guiu’s team notched up another victory under their belt in the semi-finals by winning by 19 to 10 without very much effort against Vouliagmeni’s Greek team.

Other success stories of the Sabadell Swimming Club over the past 15 years include victories in 12 Spanish league finals, 11 women’s association finals, 6 Spanish super cup finals and 5 Catalonia cup finals.

In the framework of its sponsorship, AstralPool has implemented some of the most innovative solutions in the sector at Sabadell Swimming Club’s facilities. For instance, the brand has renewed the Club’s filtration system in its pools and has fitted an efficient salt chlorination disinfection system.

A final contribution was the environmentally friendly filter bed made of recycled glass. By using these eco-filters, Sabadell Swimming Club has managed to make savings on the water used for backwashing, as well as reducing its energy costs and the chemicals required for water treatment.