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Astralpool Mac remains at top of the league table for pool control and maintenance. AstralPool’s smart pool won the Environmental Award at the 2014 SPLASH! trade show because of its energy efficiency and functionality. These awards are given annually to the most environmentally friendly products and designs in the pool sector. The prize-giving ceremony took place on 17 July in the city of Gold Coast in Australia.

The jury of the SPLASH! awards – made up of renowned experts in the field of the construction and design of public and private pools – wished to reward the energy efficiency of AstralPool’s 3.0 pool, which in comparison with conventional pool maintenance systems makes it possible to save up to 50% in energy, 90% in chemical products and 50% in backwashing.

These are not the first international awards to have recognised the quality and innovation of AstralPool Mac. In 2013, the system won a Red Dot Award, one of the world’s major design awards, and in the same year the jury of the Plus X Awards, which are dedicated to innovative and environmentally friendly sport and lifestyle products, made AstralPool Mac its Product of the Year. The jury at the Barcelona International Swimming Pool Exhibition also gave an award to AstralPool Mac in 2013 for its innovative system for controlling the pumping, filtration and chemical treatment equipment in a pool from a single compact device.

Furthermore, in the same week that the SPLASH! awards were given, AstralPool’s work was recognised with two other awards. The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA Australia) gave AstralPool’s Neolysis device (UV + salt chlorination) the Sustainability Award Product, and the Swimming Pool Retail Association Australia (SPRAA) made AstralPool its Retailer of the Year.

 Innovation serving the environment

For demanding users who are concerned about the environment, AstralPool Mac is the best solution for the physical and chemical treatment of pools. To obtain clear, transparent water, all that has to be done is to enter a number of settings (volume of water, number of bathers, ideal filtration time, etc.) into the system’s high resolution display screen and the software in the Smart Manager will automatically regulate the pool’s levels of efficiency, filtration, dosing and temperature (providing a heat pump has been installed).

Besides saving water and energy, one of the great advantages of AstralPool Mac is that it is easy to use. Using a Wi-Fi connection, all settings can easily be adjusted from a smartphone or tablet. Controlling and maintaining a pool has never been easier.

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