The pool experts / ASOFAP Analyses the Private Pool Sector in Spain | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

The Spanish Association of Pool Sector Professions (ASOFAP) held its first ASOFAP open workshops in February. At the event, which brought together 150 professionals from the pool sector, the results of the “Survey on the Private Pool Sector in Spain” were presented. It analysed the situation of the sector, the characteristics of the current pool park in Spain and the needs of home owners and potential buyers.

Optimistic data came out of the survey, as they revealed that 2015 will be a good year for the industry. According to the study, the turnover in 2014 grew by 6% in comparison with the previous year, to give a total sales revenue of 864 million euros. Furthermore, with an estimated park of 1.1 million pools, Spain comes second in Europe and is rated among the top five countries in the world in terms of the number of pools built there.

asofap_thecoolpoolHowever, despite the recovery last year the study highlighted that the Spanish park is getting old. Due to the downturn in the building trade, 60.5% of the pools in the country are over 10 years old. Therefore, businesses should be looking to refurbishing and renovating pools rather than building new ones, as well as installing more sustainable and sophisticated accessories and fittings.

As far as the customer profile is concerned, pools are still associated with family enjoyment, but a spectacular growth in consumers motivated by wellness has been observed, a trend that has increased by 36.6% since 2011. Customers trust experts, but the sector must innovate and sell value added products that will enable them to enjoy their pools more.

Organised in partnership with the 2015 Global Aquatic Exhibition, the workshops were chaired by the president of ASOFAP, Pedro Arrébola, and contributions were made by some of the sector’s leading experts. David Tapias, Fluidra’s head of R&D, gave a talk together with Juanjo Masoliver, general manager of Zodiac Pool Ibérica’s southern Europe division, at which they presented the most promising products and technologies currently available and that will lead the sector forward in the immediate future.

Further information about ASOFAP and the survey is available at the link below.