Spectacular pools / An old farmhouse with a natural pool | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Cork oaks, holm oaks and pine trees characterise the Catalan landscape of Les Gaverres Nature Reserve where Barcelona-based outfit Zest Architecture has redeveloped a former farmhouse. The work in this ideal hiking spot needed to respect the original building due to town-planning regulations and successfully reinterpreted and adapted it to modern times, integrating it carefully into the beautiful setting.

The farm’s walls were made from stone, heavy like the rest of the vernacular architecture in the area. The new property opens up the façades and lets the natural light in through the timber windows framed in deep-set corten steel boxes. The visual contact between the newly generated building and the environment has been boosted to enrich the space.

Adapted to the terrain, the new property allows access to the garden from different levels. The bedrooms have been put downstairs. The living areas are upstairs. From here you can access the pool which runs the length of an extension of the land in the garden. The water is recycled through a biological purification system and later used for watering the garden. The natural pool is designed to be free of chlorine and other chemicals, as plants and gravel filter and clear the water.

The house was designed to Passivhaus criteria, making the property a very low energy consumption home. The architects have added good heat insulation in the form of cork, a material harvested naturally in the area. Inside, the property has been finished with clay rendering. It has not been painted but rather left with the natural material exposed. The pavements are made from polished concrete blended with oxide and finished with beeswax. The house has a geothermal installation to produce hot water and heating and is completed with cool flooring for summer.

This country home, which you can see in the following video, is perfect for relaxing in!

Photos: © Jesús Granada