Innovative pool maintenance accessories that aim to make living with a pool easier are increasingly available on the market. Pool owners know that water quality, temperature, cleanliness, level and the type of chemical products used must constantly be monitored. Like in other industries, implementing advanced technology in pools makes taking care of all these factors easier, and remote control of pool maintenance through smartphones and tablets means that owners can take care of their pool regardless of where they are. Just like remote systems that make the remote opening and closing of skylights and the raising and lowering of blinds possible in homes and galleries, a pool’s entire treatment can now be monitoring via WiFi technology.

With AstralPool MAC® users can now completely manage pool water treatment through the system’s intelligent software. AstralPool MAC® provides total and intuitive pool control with up to 50% energy and water savings and 50% savings on the water used for backwashing compared to conventional swimming pool control systems. Its touchscreen and Smart Manager software lets users easily adjust all pool settings.

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In addition to the convenience of using these technological solutions for pool maintenance these systems save energy, since they adapt to provide top pool performance according to the variables programmed by the user. That is, since the user has full control over all pool treatment the systems will only turn on when necessary. Efficient use and an adjustment in pool maintenance helps to conserve the environment; for example, the combination of a proper filter and correct water treatment, dose and flow or the control of the water’s pH and redox reaction.

Regardless of whether the pool is public or private, advanced equipment from the top companies on the market are a part of environmentally-friendly pool design, as they simplify tasks and make top pool performance easier with increasingly simpler, more-compact and easily to install and use systems.