The pool experts / A walk through the complex of magic fountains in Astana | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Magic curtains, colored lights, water that moves to the rhythm of music and that shoots up into the sky with the power of a natural geyser. Blasts of flames and amazing shafts of light. The innovative technology behind the fountains in Astana (Kazakhstan) is just one of the latest advances in the complex that staged the 2017 Expo on the future of energy. Would you like to take a walk with us to see this fountain up close?

This exhibit, devoted to the most innovative technology, attracted four million visitors who were greeted by a monumental fountain that danced to magical music designed by AstralPool. Just a few technical details will give an idea of its monumental size: a surface area of 2,630 m2, a water volume of 1,618 m3, 12 kilometers of power cables and a network of 8 kilometers of piping. What’s more, its almost unlimited combinations of light and color, and a total of 200 lights can create 16 million colors!

Magical fountains designed by Astralpool

That’s not all! This magic fountain has a number of jets: vertical, dancing and rocket jets that shoot out the water an explosive 30 meters from the ground. AstralPool has even included a completely safe device  able to shoot colored flames into the air alongside the water. A unique customized set-up designed with a groundbreaking filtration, disinfection and software control system.

It is also possible to walk around the magic fountain of Astana up to a raised bridge on which the sheer power of the water can be felt and the light show seen. It will still be possible to visit the complex in 2018, when it will also stage projects for smart lighting systems, geographic information systems, and various publicly or privately funded schemes.

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