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Torre Medellín

Leveraging a privileged location, a new block of luxury apartments went up in El Poblado, Medellin, one of the 16 communes of Colombia’s most populous city after the capital Bogota, and which has become a residential area for Colombian high society.

Despite its height, the gesture produced in the facade, with some of the floor volumes carefully displaced, makes it possible to acknowledge the Energy Living building as a groundbreaking milestone on the city skyline. The 21 x 21 meter-long floors house 71 apartments between 53 and 130 sq meters which, on the22nd level, enjoy a floor with a fantastic jacuzzi and a pool in harmony with the environment through a large glass window that boasts views to the city.

A pool with panoramic views

The basic idea for this project involved superimposing rectangular prisms which would be piled on top of each other to face different parts of the city in a panoramic fashion: toward the mountains that make up the valley and the conurbation along its central axis. This feature makes it possible to provide three different apartment models which guide the view respectively from east to west, north to south, or in 360º.

The groundbreaking blueprint has also been achieved inside because the spaces are planned to encourage different room designs. The views are impressive from them all. The decks, balconies, and strategically positioned picture windows in each apartment are, together with the top floor, the most attractive elements of this construction. Repetition is key at the Energy Living building.

Jacuzzi Energy Living
Piscina Medellín

On the first floor of the building and via the lobby you can also access a restaurant open to the city, lounges, and admin areas. The company behind the project is M+ Group, a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, designers, and specialists in the creation and development of property products, whose central office is also based out of Medellin.

Photographs: © M+Group, Cámara Lucida, Vásquez Villegas Fotografía, Simón Trujillo