The pool experts / 5 key trends of the pool sector in 2018 | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

In 2018, we will swim in pools with transparent sides that will create optical illusions in our gardens. What’s more, next year space restrictions will be less of a concern because pools are becoming more compact to fit inside our homes. Shared pools, conceptual designs and pools able to match our moods will also burst onto the scene in 2018. Welcome to the future!

1. Pools that blend in with the surroundings

A few days ago we announced that 2018 would be the year of pools with a wow factor. Indeed, pools with transparent sides deliver on this because they feel like they blend in with the surroundings and bring water into buildings to create amazing optical illusions.

Tendencias 2018: Piscinas transparentes

2.- Shared pools

Shared pools have come about to give a solution to the demands of a new society with different ways of spending leisure time.If we have become used to sharing our homes, music and TVs, why not transfer this business model to the pool sector?

In the future, apps will be able to put people in contact with pool owners willing to share their pools and breathe new life into them, as they are sometimes underused.

These apps also have advantages for businesses in the sector as they are able to access huge data sets to pick up on business requirements, find out where their potential customers are and anticipate future needs.

Tendencias 2018: Piscina colaborativa

3. The boom in mini-pools

The luxury of being able to enjoy a pool in the home is not constrained by space. In 2018, the pool will become a luxury domestic object, of a modest size, minimalist in design and made of materials that will fit in with the interior décor of our homes.

4. Pools that match our moods

The smart pool in 2018 will also be able to match our mood, interpret our emotions and adjust all systems to create an atmosphere that ties in with them. The new apps will be able to instantly change the temperature, the lighting and even trigger aromas to adapt to our energy levels. A stunning new concept.

5. Instagrammable pools

Daring designs in contrasting colours will be at the height of fashion. Architecture that showcases pools in a new light, as if they were conceptual works of art or film sets will become viral in 2018 through social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Tendencias 2018: Piscinas 'instagrameables'
Tendencias 2018: Piscinas 'instagrameables'

Pictures: Barclay & Crousse / Unsplash / Richard England