THE COOL POOL / 21 de July de 2017

Four key factors for a safe pool

Pools should always be a place for enjoyment, a space for just relaxing, doing sport or having a good time without a care in the world. However, it cannot be denied that there are certain risks involved in owning a swimming pool, especially if there are children around who can get into it unsupervised. In [...]
THE COOL POOL / 12 de July de 2017

What kind of chlorine should you use in your pool?

Chlorine is the most popular pool disinfectant because it is efficient and affordable. There is a wide range of chlorinated products on the market and the best way to choose the most suitable one for your pool is to ask an expert. Below, you will find a brief description of four chlorinated products: dichloride, trichloride, [...]

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THE COOL POOL / 7 de July de 2017

Floating between heaven and earth

The Hotel Hubertus, located in the Italian village of Valdaora, is in a magnificent setting in South Tirol. It is particularly attractive to travellers looking for idyllic landscapes for skiing or hiking and who need a place to relax after their hard efforts. At the foot of the famous Kronplatz, in the Puster Valley, this [...]
THE COOL POOL / 27 de June de 2017

Freepool: the healthiest alternative to chlorine

The most common method now used for disinfecting pools is chlorination. It is an inexpensive and efficient system but, unfortunately, there are often some problems associated with it, such as the unpleasant smell, the decline in the quality of air, and the irritation bathers experience to their airways, skin and eyes.

THE COOL POOL / 20 de June de 2017

A Scandinavian refuge for enjoying water all year around

Everybody knows about the enviable Scandinavian custom of using the bounties of water for keeping in good physical and mental health. The young architects’ studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, founded in Stockholm in 1995 and whose work straddles between architecture and design, has just designed and completed a pavilion with two pools for a villa built […]

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